Entity Framework 7 beta and it’s quirks


During the development of a Windows 10 Universal Windows App today I ran into a weird issue with Entity Framework 7, beta 6. I was using a Sqlite database for local storage within the app and everything seemed to work fine until I hit against a bug in the EF (Entity Framework). I was modifying multiple entities and saving those changes to the database using DbContext.SaveChangesAsync(). Upon the call to SaveChanges the EF framework throws an SqliteException “SQLite logic error or missing database”. After some troubleshooting it appeared that this only happens when you modify multiple entities and the EF tries to sync those changes in a batch when you call SaveChanges.. For now the workaround is to save changes between modifications of a single entity and wait for the next update to fix this issue.. Update 7 is available but the documentation describes that it is not possible to install this version in an UWP app due to some issues.

Entity Framework query logging

During the above troubleshooting I was looking for a way to log the queries the EF performed on the database. I found some snippets but it appears the EF developers changed the API breaking these snippets. Eventually I built this little extension to enable logging.